Otoplasty: A Guide to Ear Reshaping Concerns

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Otoplasty in Kolkata 

Otoplasty surgery is often implemented when an individual has problems with the shape of their ear. These problems could be as minor (surgically speaking) as prominent lobes or as major as malformed cartilage. Whatever the case, the surgery can make a big difference in not only the patient's appearance, but in their self esteem. This is especially true in younger patients. As adults, we forget how serious "sticking out" can be when it comes to getting teased in school. While it's easy to say, "Oh, it will build character," there are few studies that say being tormented in school produces a well balanced adult. Here are some things you should know about the procedure.

Weighing Factors

The results of otoplasty is based not only on the skill of the surgeon, but on weighing a number of factors prior to moving forward with surgery. Not everyone is a great candidate for the procedure. By taking the time to adequately determine who is and who isn't a good candidate, a doctor can vastly improve the success rate of their practice. Don't be angry if it is determined that you or your child isn't appropriate for a procedure. While it's your right to seek out a second opinion, you could be doing more harm than good by charging forward in spite of advice to the contrary. Some of the factors to consider include size and symmetry, pliability of the cartilage, age, and physical health.


One concern at the forefront of many a parent's mind is how old their child should be when considering otoplasty. While social concerns dictate that any procedure be handled as soon as possible, this time is rarely before the age of five or six. This is because the ears will not reach their full maturity until that age. It makes little sense to make surgical adjustments to the ears before they have finished growing. Consider taking the child in for an initial consultation around this age and the plastic surgeon will be able to make a determination about whether or not it is appropriate to move forward with treatment.

Changing Your Look

One of the concerns people—especially adults—have when considering otoplasty is whether or not it will drastically alter their appearance. Everyone has seen people go in for a nose job and come out looking like an entirely different person. That's because the nose is a central feature. Making dramatic adjustments to its shape and size can have a significant effect on how we perceive that face. The ears aren't the same. While the problem will be addressed, you will still look like the same person after surgery.

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