what is distributed power

Updated By : January 2, 2017 11:11:53 AM JST

recently On the network, there are a lot of people are asking the distributed power supply, so what is it, the most concise definition is not directly connected to the transmission system, as well as the power supply voltage level, mainly including power generation equipment and energy storage devices, and it is a independent source compatible with the environment, the power by the power sector, all electric power users or the third party, to meet the requirements of power system and the user's specific, such as peak shaving, power supply for remote area, commercial and residential users,save power transmission and transformation investment, improve power supply reliability, and so on.

Distributed power supply is not simply adopt the traditional power generation technology, but set up in the automatic control system, the advanced material technology, flexible manufacturing technology, etc, on the basis of new technology, and has low pollution emissions, flexible and convenient high reliability and high efficiency of the new energy production system, it can efficiently use the cost of power generation, can generate heat and electricity, the scene the renewable energy system, including the use of the waste gas, waste heat and excess pressure difference to generate electricity energy recycling system, provide us with a better way of electricity.

Definition of distributed power supply, it is near the user can be used on-site power generation, the grid voltage level to kv and below, and a single and points total installed capacity of less than 6 megawatts of power generation project, he can use natural gas, coal-bed methane, such as fuel, also can make use of marsh gas, coke oven gas and other resource waste, and even can use wind energy, solar energy, hydropower and other renewable resources, the current distributed energy projects many are built in cities now, so most of the distributed energy of the fuel, mostly for gas or diesel.

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