How people understand food additives

mariahada 10/27/15 4:26 PM

Eating health and develop good eating habits are our gateway to the healthy way. And food additives are indispensable ingredients in food processing, all processed foods are mostly have food additives. For example, Cola color is made of the caramel; carbon dioxide plays a preservative effect in pure fermented beer; the cooking oil contains antioxidants; salt contains anti-caking agent and soy sauce, vinegar contain preservatives.

Food additives are widely used in daily life. But plasticizers, melamine, Sudan are not food additives, they are illegal additives. It is often because of lack of knowledge about food additives, then it results in some error understandings between food additives and illegal substances. Here are several common health misunderstandings people may not know:

1. low-fat diet is healthy food

Many foods are touted low-fat, low-sugar or sugar-free, but that does not equate to health. Many sugar-free foods remove their itself sugar during the manufacture process.

2. fresh vegetables are healthier than frozen vegetables

The fresh vegetables that we see in the market are not necessarily the freshly picked vegetables from the vegetable garden. Mostly, they are likely to have a period of storage. So the nutrient content may lower than the quick freezing fresh vegetables.

3. egg yolk increases blood fat

Many people worried about cholesterol in egg yolk increases blood fat, so they do not eat the yolk, but lecithin in egg yolk to a certain extent prevent the deposition of fat and cholesterol in the blood vessel wall.

4. the use of food additives are harmful

Actually as long as it is the prescribed additives and within use amount, it does not harm to human health. While some food if do not add a certain food additives, the flavor and storage are affected.

According to examples of food additives, we can get here are four main uses: to improve the sensory properties of food, to preserve and maintain food, to maintain or enhance the nutritional value of food and to help food processing and production. We do not have to accept or consume every kind of additive, but at least it should be understood. In fact, all food is made of chemicals, whether apples or carrots. Therefore, it is an irresponsible attitude to identify all chemicals that are harmful and frightening.

During the process of food, some manufacturers may add some additives to the products. Many manufacturers may use food additives beyond the scope. Even many manufacturers add industrial additives to the food. That belongs to the non-edible substances and is illegal. Therefore, choose qualified suppliers is a guarantee to consumers.

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