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Disney unveils first trailer of the movie Cinderella!

axparis 12/18/14 5:10 PM

The most magical movie of 2015 is revealed in a new French trailer! So a first teaser of Cinderella and a first trailer VO was broadcast on there nearly a month, a full in French trailer has just been unveiled by Disney , we unveiling more about what awaits us in March 2015. And the new images released by this trailer shows us a lot about the film's plot, very faithful to the version imagined by Walt in 1950. In two minutes and thirty seconds, the trailer shows us the highlights found in the cartoon: cleaning of Cinderella, the first pink dress in tatters, the transformation, the ball, the loss of the shoe and the quest to find her prince ... A So much so that one wonders if this new adaptation will surprise us. Check out the first trailer for Cinderella , full of charm and magic!

Nevertheless, the trailer of Cinderella makes us think that Disney holds many surprises, and that not everything is shown here: the scene where Ella met Prince in the woods, for example, an addition to the plot. A perfect blend of storytelling and reinterpretation faithful representation of the feature film animation? In any case, the players are bluffing in their roles, including Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine cruel, Lily James Cinderella and Richard Madden Series Game Of Thrones Prince Charming! Speaking of Disney, discover the first concept art from the movie The Jungle Book , the next film adaptation of the firm with big ears, released in October 2015 in France! What do you think of this first trailer?

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