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PDF files can keep your document intact and it does not let anyone edit it without your permission. The documents that are converted into PDF files can only be read by the person other than the author and that individual cannot make the changes. PDF is the short form for Portable Document Format. When you convert your files from Word document to PDF, it becomes safe as one cannot tamper with it, make small changes and send it under their own name. For opening the PDF files you need to have some particular software’s and Adobe reader is one of the widely used software. While opening the PDF, the system asks you for the permission to open it with the software that you want, and you can choose it the one that you prefer. Sometimes users face issues when the PDF files won’t open in Adobe Reader and you are unable to view the files. In this case, you can try the problem-solving procedure that is suggested in this blog. If you prefer to reach out to the experts at Adobe Customer Support number then you can do so by dialing the toll-free number which stays reachable 24*7.

There can be miscellaneous reasons behind the issue of the PDF files not opening in Adobe Reader. Let’s first get in touch with that:
• Incomplete installation of Adobe Reader
• Adobe Reader not updated and is out of date
• The PDF files are corrupt or damaged
• The file is not saved properly

Take a look on the set of possible solution to rectify the issue.

Alternative 1- Changing Adobe Reader Settings
1. Move to the Search icon.
2. Type Reader and hit Enter
3. Navigate to the top menu and open the Edit menu with a right click.
4. Search for Preferences in the Edit menu and click it.
5. Now click on Security
6. Enable Protected Mode at startup
7. Click yes to continue.

Alternative 2- Repairing of Adobe Reader
1. Move to Adobe Reader.
2. Select the Help icon with the right click
3. Now from the box that has opened move to Repair Installation.
4. Double click the Yes button when you are asked for the Adobe reader Repair installation

Alternative 3– Update your Adobe reader software once as it might be a possibility that the files are not opening due to the outdated version

Alternative 4- Try opening another PDF file via Adobe Reader and if it opens, then the PDF file which is not opening is either damaged or corrupt. Try rectifying that.

And even after trying with all of the suggested solutions, you are still not able to open and view the files, then contact the Adobe Technical Support number which stays reachable at 24 hours and 7 days.

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