HP Customer Service 1-844-762-3952

HP Customer Care 1-844-762-3952
HP Customer Care 1-844-762-3952 7/6/18 3:29 PM

HP Customer Support
HP printer is the renowned name in itself with the best quality print feature. And connecting them with Mac will increase its performance by three folds. Users will be able to enjoy the top quality print if they have successfully installed the printer driver in the Mac devices. If you have any doubt regarding how to do it then you must get in touch with HP Printer Technical Support which is accessible at 24 hours in the day round the clock.
Steps to install HP Printer driver on Mac
Apple Software update will automatically download and install HP driver once it has detected the printer connected with it. You can download it manually also by going to the official website and save the downloaded file in the folder of your choice. Just follow these steps in order to install the driver:
1. Go to System preference of your Mac device
2. Click on Print & Fax/Print & Scan/Printer & Scanner different name of same option .These names vary according to the operating system
3. Locate your printer in the Printer List. And do the needful accordingly
• Your Printer is listed– You must remove the printer name and then re-add it to make sure that you are using correct driver. For removing it you have to tap on the ‘minus’ sign to delete the name of your printer and then by clicking on ‘add’ sign, you can append your printer.
• Your Printer is not listed-Under ‘Add Printer and Scanner’ click the plus sign to add the name of your printer. You just need to follow quick steps in order to complete the installation of the printer in Mac.
• You printer name is not listed in Add Printer and Scanner section-Then you need to make sure all the cables are properly connected and have an active power supply and internet connection. After that reboot the system and try installing the driver.
If at any stage you find difficulty while implementing the points as given then just reach out to HP Printer Customer Service Number where you will receive a correct answer of every query or question. The team of experts are reachable at all hours to fix the issue confronted by their valued customer.
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