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ATT Email login Problem
There can be nothing worse situation than your account being hacked or compromised. Yes, in the times of increasing security threats and hacking practices, it has become quite common for a user to complain about a hacked account. If you have been through such a problematic phase of a hacked account and don’t know how to fix ATT Email account problem then you must try the troubleshooting steps given in this blog.
There can be two cases of hacking, one in which you are able to access your account and other in which you are not able to sign in to your account. The latter can be a worse case. But here, you will get to know about the solution of the former case.
Symptoms of hacked email account:
• Unable to sign in
• There are emails in your inbox that you did not receive
• You are not able to find some emails
• There are countless spams in your account
• There are emails in your outbox that you didn’t send
• Your security credentials have been changed

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How to fix Hacked ATT Email account
1. Change the password: the first and foremost thing that you can do if you have access to your account is to change the password. And set it to a unique one so that no one can guess it.
2. Update the account security questions: the second thing you can do is to update the security questions and answers that are used for account recovery. You must keep on changing them from time to time.
3. Check for any virus: you must also clean your system with a good antivirus scanner to eliminate the risk of hacking.
4. Change the recovery phone number: you must change the recovery mobile number that is often used to recover the password of your account. Doing this will save you from any further hacking risk.
If nothing works then don’t waste any more time and get in touch with ATT Email customer support number where the technical executives will provide relevant support. The number stays actively accessible 24x7 online for the ease of the ATT Email customers worldwide.

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