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AOL Gold Desktop Install
In the earlier versions of AOL Desktop Gold, it was quite difficult to get your personal information. But with the latest version, it has become easier to do so. The new version comes with a filing system that helps store and organize your email on to your computer’s hard drive so you can read your emails even when you are offline. This desktop software makes the process of importing information from an older version of AOL Desktop easy and fast.
AOL Desktop Gold is an update to the older version of the software but with many of the updated features like an updated web browser, contacts and favorites store on AOL servers, import wizard, simplified installation process, two screen verification, customized texts and fonts and also automatic updates. For using these high-end features, you will need to Download AOL Desktop Gold.
Apart from the interesting features that have been already mentioned, there is the provision of chat rooms for the gold users. You can also make this software as a default browser. Even with the help of browser password manager you can secure and safeguard your personal credentials without any fear of losing them. The new version of this software is supported by all OS platforms, be it windows or IOS.
Importing your mail and toolbar icons from the previous version of AOL Desktop
Step 1: Launch AOL Desktop Gold
Step 2: Sign in with your screen name
Step 3: Click the File menu visible at the top left corner of the screen
Step 4: Select the Import Wizard
Step 5: Click OK to start the import process
Step 6: Click OK on the confirmation window
Step 7: Close after the completion.
In order to get full access to the interesting list of features, you will need to Install AOL Desktop Gold. If you encounter any problem while importing your personal information in the new version then you must try to follow the troubleshooting steps in the same consecutive order they are given in this blog.
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