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Download AOL Gold Desktop
AOL Desktop Gold is a huge success because of enhanced features and advanced technology. It is the platform where users can have full access to their mail as well as enjoy browsing internet. You must download AOL Desktop Gold from the official website in order to enjoy the benefits to fullest.
System requirement for AOL Desktop Gold:
 Windows Vista, 7,8,10
 Support computer processor of 266MHz or more
 Screen Resolution of 1024x 768
Once the system requirement is met you can begin the process of downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold.
Download AOL Desktop Gold:
The download procedure may vary according to the user’s plan and membership:
If you are AOL Advantage Plan Member:
 After signing in AOL account
 Search for AOL Desktop Gold under All Products section and download it.
Have AOL Gold trial or subscription
 Sign to AOL account
 Click ‘Premium Subscription’ which can be found under ‘Manage Subscription’
 And then download it
Using link which was received in AOL signup confirmation mail
 Search for the mail for AOL Desktop Gold after signing into the account
 After opening the email click on Download AOL Gold or Update now
The downloaded file is saved in the Download folder of your computer or any other location which you entered at the time of saving the .exe file.
Install AOL Desktop Gold
 Locate the .exe file
 After right- click, Select Run as Administrator
 A window will appear which reads” Do you want this program to make changes?” then click Yes
 The installation wizard will run. If you want to save your contacts and favorites from the previous version of the software you must click yes when the window of import appear
 And once completed you need to enter your username and password
 After successful login the process of installation is complete
By using the guidelines given in blog accordingly you will be able to install AOL Desktop gold without any difficulty. Still, you are facing any problem while installing it or accessing it you can reach customer care which is available 24×7. They will sort out all your concerns and doubt by giving a complete solution.
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