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Earlier people use to access email using webmail service and use different service for browsing the internet. This sometimes makes them irritate and frustrated but after the launch of Desktop application they can access email and do browsing using one platform only. And that amazing application is AOL Desktop Gold which has made it possible for the users to access and manage their all internet and email related work by using one common application. Then stop wondering about the pros and cons of this software just Download AOL Gold Desktop immediately and begin exploring its unique and amazing features.
AOL Gold is embedded with the latest design and features, some of the very common traits are:
• Automatic updates
• Easy to understand and use
• User-friendly with advanced technology
• Enhanced security and protection
Before downloading and installing the AOL Gold you must double check the system requirement needed for this application
• Windows- 7/8/8.1/10
• Framework- Net Framework 4.5.2
• Screen Resolution-1024×764 and higher
• Processor speed –266 MHz or greater
• RAM- 1Gb or more
• Active and uninterrupted internet connection
While using AOL Gold people sometimes complains about the speed of this application i.e. speed is too slow. The slowness of any software is usually occurred because of the following reasons:
• Outdated device driver or software
• Piles of cache, cookies data
• Some software error
To fix the slow running of AOL Desktop Gold application users must do the following troubleshooting steps:
• Make sure to update the device driver and the browser with the latest version
• Clear the browsers cache, cookies and history data
• Run the security scan of the system using Antivirus
• Restarting the computer can sometimes eradicate the issue as it wipes out the internal memory of RAM
• Make sure to enable only required program at the time of Start-up
Don’t forget to Reinstall AOL Gold from the official website. Because downloading installing the software from the known site may be the root cause of many problems that you can confront while using AOL Gold. If you don’t want to waste time in resolving the issue on your own then you must try getting in touch with customer care who can fix the issue for you in shortest possible time.
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