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Download Aol Desktop Gold Software
Are you bored of using Chrome, Mozilla and Safari? Do you Want to experience and use new search engine with enhanced security and automatic updates one can always try and AOL Gold Download. Features of AOL Desktop Gold include automatic updates and enhanced security and technology, two screens verification process, customized and new fonts and text option available, importing and exporting your personal data is easy, you can store your contacts and favorite on AOL server, Easy installations steps.
One of the basic thing you require to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold is to have an AOL account. If you don’t have one just quickly make the account by following some simple steps.
System Requirement for Installing AOL Desktop Gold is –
 Windows 7 /8/8+/ 10.
 1GB Ram and Internet Explorer 7+.
 Internet connection.
How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?
For AOL Advantage Plan Member-:
1. Sign in to AOL account.
2. Under All Product section search for AOL Desktop Gold
3. And just download it.
If you have Trial and subscription for AOL Desktop Gold
1. Sign in your AOL account then manage subscription.
2. Click on premium subscription and one can get started to use AOL Desktop Gold.
Steps for Installing AOL Desktop Gold-:
1. You have to open your download folder.
2. Then look for AOL desktop .exe file and double click it.
3. Installation Wizard will open and then you have to follow the simple steps for completing the installation.
4. If you are not able to locate the installation file in download folder then you can check your AOL mail inbox for the same installation file.
After you have successfully Reinstall the AOL desktop gold you are ready to explore the rich features of AOL Desktop Gold and use its uninterrupted services as well. The team of experts known as AOL Customer support are there to help you if you are facing any problem in downloading or installing the AOL Desktop Gold. The support team can be connected at any time of the day, they will provide you with a satisfying solution to the problem.
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