Apple Customer Service Phone Number

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Apple Technical Support Number
Are you unable to record screen on your iPhone having a latest operating system? If yes then you are at the right place to get the solution. This particular post will elaborate about the fixtures you can try to resolve the problem. The IOS 11 has a variety of new features and one such is a screen recorder. It can be used instead of third-party applications and is very beneficial but sometimes when it does not work, it tends to irritate the users. If this is the case with you too then you can get in touch with Apple customer support for better solutions.
Solution 1: Hard reset your iOS device (iPhone)
• Open settings app and tap on the control center
• Then go to customize controls
• Tap on the red button available under include to the left of screen recording
• Force restart your iOS device by holding volume down and on/off button simultaneously
• Wait for the device to restart and launch the settings app > control center > customize controls > tap on + button
• Use screen recording feature once again
Solution 2: Disable parental control from screen recording
• Open settings and tap on general
• Tap on restrictions and enter your passcode
• Scroll to the bottom of the screen and turn off the switch next to screen recording
Solution 3: Reset your iPhone to factory default settings
There is no need to be threatened by the word factory reset because it will only remove the saved network passwords as well as the website logins but your personal data will remain safe.
• Launch settings > general
• Tap on the reset button followed by reset all settings
• If required, enter your iPhone passcode
• You will see your iPhone being rebooted in a few minutes
If the troubleshooting seems to be of no use then the last thing you can try is to update your iOS as it can also be the main reason for screen recording feature not working. In case if you have any doubts or confusions then contact Apple customer service where the technical representatives will resolve the issue in no time for you.

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