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Dragon Dictate for Mac is a software which assists users of Mac device to accomplish more from their device than they thought would be possible. This is a software which is powered by the latest version of Dragon speech recognition engine. This was built from the base to be compatible with Mac OS. This software works well with all Mac applications, making it easy for you to find online content, create reports, email, research notes, articles, and much more simply by using voice commands. This enables the users to do this process up to 3 times faster than typing. This software also assists in simplifying your mobile life, enabling you to use your iOS or Android device as a wireless microphone, by which you can capture notes on the go. Once back at your system, Dragon would transcribe the recordings for you. To know more about this software you can easily connect with the Dragon Customer Support, where you can get all the information regarding the software in detail.

Amazing features provided to the Users

Custom words and vocabulary: This software for Mac easily learns acronyms, accurate names, and other exclusive or business-specific phrases that you would use frequently. In addition, you can also import and export your custom made word lists.

Facility to transcribe your recordings from audio files: This software supports Nuance-approved digital voice recorders and smartphones for advanced recording function. It can also automatically transcribe the audio files to text on your Mac.

Control and command your system by voice aiding comfort and convenience: With the help of this software launch applications, select menu items, press keys, switch between windows, search the web, create and send emails and a lot more simply using your voice.

Prevent repetitive stress injuries and extend accessibility: By using this software you can completely eliminate the barriers for individual workers with any kind of disabilities that would limit their ability to use the keyboard and mouse. It also prevents fatigue and repetitive stress injuries by providing a comfortable and ergonomic alternative to the keyboard and mouse.

Better and improved user interface and experience: Dragon offers its users an improved user experience which makes powerful features easier to discover and utilize.
 Value-added status window, correction window, and streamlined profiles management
 New and better-automated backups for commands and vocabulary
 Innovative license preference pane to manage licenses and subscription
 Enhanced command management
 Faster startup time which optimizes throughout

Enhanced Transcription: The new transcription process is enriched which impacts all the accuracy improvements gained from the state of the art engine, reducing the number of steps required to getting audio recordings transcribed.

System Requirements of Nuance Dragon Dictate
 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or faster
 Free Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
 Suitable OS: OS X El Capitan (10.11)
 RAM: 4 GB or 8 GB
 Functional DVD ROM
 Strong and Stable internet connection for automatic product activation
 Built-in Microphone or a Nuance-approved microphone

If you find yourself with any query regarding this software, feel free to connect with the Nuance Dragon Customer Care Number. Upon contact, you would be provided with best in class assistance and guidance.


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