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yaro 10/6/19 12:14 AM

What do root vegetables, graphene and buy potassium cyanide online carbon dioxide all have in common? Nothing apart from carbon, you might think. But they all offer the potential to cut carbon dioxide emissions from cement and concrete.

Four billion buy kcn online tonnes of cement are made every year. That’s four billion tonnes of the glue that makes concrete such a cheap, versatile and durable material – in demand for homes and roads, dams and bridges across the globe. Unfortunately those immense quantities mean cement accounts for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, and there’s no let-up in demand, as the developing world builds homes and cities for its growing population. Indeed, meeting the UN sustainable development goals means new buildings and infrastructure – just as the world needs to decarbonise, and rapidly.

The basics buy research chemicals online of the modern cement recipe are largely unchanged over the past 200 years. Limestone (calcium carbonate) is heated with clay at temperatures of 1400–1500°C; the limestone and clay break down into their oxides and then combine into di- and tri-calcium silicates; iron buy and aluminium from the clay also react with the calcium to produce smaller quantities of tricalcium aluminate, and tetracalcium aluminoferrite buy painkillers onlin

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