Welcome to Sprasia!

What is Sprasia?

Sprasia is a website featuring various web applications that enable users to easily edit and compile photos.

Anyone can create a unique project without the need of special skills or knowledge. Whether you want to create “dazzling photos” or a “movie with special effects”, Sprasia provides the base for you to realize your creative potential. We are continuously working to develop applications with your purposes in mind.

Our applications are separated into 3 categories:

  1. An easy photo editing application, "PhotoShuffle"
  2. A professional video editing application, "effectunes Pro"
  3. Applications for other unique purposes still under development

* Registration is completely free and allows users unlimited access to all of our applications.

What can I do within the website?

Easily edit your photos online!

Unleash your creativity by adding animations and effects to your images. Our website allows users to easily personalize their photos to create inspired works to share with others.

Add Effects to decorate photos

Sprasia has built applications that allow you to quickly and easily add signature effects to your photos. We have created a library of over 3000 effects for you to choose from, ensuring that your will be able to reach your creative potential. Some of the effects include:

Speech balloons / Comment Effect

You can freely place speech balloons with your own text.

Frame Effect

- Movable frames for decoration
- Frames with sound

Special effects and Stamps with animation and sound effects

- Special effects such as Beams, Flames, and Explosions
- Cute effects such as Hearts and Glitter, etc.

We have thousands of effects for you to choose from!

In addition, you can complete your projects with our library of music or sound effects (with the exception of photo editing). We are continually working to create new effects to inspire your creativity!

"My Page" function

Members who sign up will receive their own personalized page inside the Sprasia community, with access to our unique social network.

Through this page, you can share your projects with others, post them to your blog, or write comments to others.
* Of course, closed settings are available that will allow only your friends to see your creations.

Personalized management of your page allows you to re-edit your works whenever you want!

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