Q. Do I have to pay a fee to use Sprasia?

    A. All of Sprasia’s basic services can be enjoyed free of charge. However, there is a limit to the amount of content that can be uploaded and stored.

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    Q. What can I do with Sprasia?

    A. Sprasia is an online service that allows users of any level to create oiginal video content called channels by using various media that has been uploaded by members, and then share those publicly all over the world.

    You can communicate with other members by writing comments or rating contents (channels, photos, effects, blogs, communities) that are available for public viewing. You can also share your own public contents with other users.

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    Q. How do I upload photos?

    A. To upload photos, take the following steps:


    1. Click on “Upload Photo” on My page


    2. Read over the Terms and Conditions on the page that appears and click on “Agree” after you are done to proceed to the upload screen.


    3. Click on the “Select” button and choose the photo file that you want to upload.


    4. Complete the necessary information such as title, category, comment, tag, privacy settings, and click on “Upload” when you are done.


    * You can see the photos you have uploaded from the “My Photo” sections.

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    Q. What kind of file formats can be uploaded

    A. You can upload the following types of files:


    Photo: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp

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    Q. What is the maximum photo file size and storage space?

    Files up to 10MB for photo can be uploaded at once.

    The maximum online storage space is 500MB.

    TOP Last update: 1/31/13 11:50 AM

    Q. What is a channel?

    A. A channel is the term used to describe content that has been created using Sprasia’s editing tools. To create a new channel, click on “Create Channel” on My page and launch the editing tool feature.

    TOP Last update: 5/6/08 6:10 PM

    Q. What is an effect?

    A. An effect is content that is used to edit and decorate when creating channels. More than a thousand effects have been uploaded on Sprasia for you to choose from and use to edit your videos.


    * While browsing through all of the different effects, there is an icon which you can click on to import the effect into the channel you are creating/editing.

    TOP Last update: 5/6/08 6:09 PM

    Q. What is effectunes?

    A. Effectunes is the name of the online video editing tool provided by Sprasia. This tool allows you to edit videos with easy-to-use drag and drop features.


    Videos that have been edited are called channels and are content available for public viewing.

    TOP Last update: 5/6/08 6:05 PM

    Q. What can I do with the effectunes editing tool?

    A. The following tasks can be achieved easily with effectunes:


    Merge photos, effects, and text!
    Create a video using your favorite photos, effects and text with a simple drag of your mouse! By using various timings and methods to synthesize your media, a number of different and interesting animation effects can be produced.



    Use a flexible synthesizing process!
    You can adjust the size, angle, timing, and animation of the contents that are to be merged with one simple mouse click! This can be done on the preview screen so you can do it intuitively as you go.



    Insert sound!
    You can also combine various sound effects and BGM into your channels.

    TOP Last update: 1/28/13 5:02 PM

    Q. Can I create and edit channels using content that other members have uploaded?

    A. It is possible to use the editing tool (effectunes) by importing photos that other users have made available for public viewing.


    How do I import?
    On the pages where you can browse through photos and effects, there is a “Bring into effectunes” icon. By clicking on this button, you can import your favorite ones into the editing tool to use whenever you want to create a channel.

    TOP Last update: 1/28/13 5:02 PM

    Q. What is the recommended system environment?

    A. Sprasia recommends the following for the best user experience:

    Recommended OS
    Windows Vista, Windows7, Macintosh OSX or higher

    Recommended browser
    Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Firefox 11.x or higher

    *Please note that these recommendations are subject to change without notice.

    *Download Internet Explorer

    Click here to download and install Internet Explorer.


    *Download Firefox
    Click here to download and install Firefox.


    Please enable JavaScript.


    You will need to have the latest version of Flash installed.


    *Download Flash Player
    Click here to download and install Flash Player.

    Please be advised that without the above specifications, your screen may appear differently or certain features may not function correctly when using Sprasia. Unfortunately, we cannot provide technical support in such situations where the recommended system environment is not in place.

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    Q. How do I close my Sprasia account?

    A. If you wish to close your Sprasia account, you may proceed here.
    Please note that when unregistering, all data is deleted and it is impossible to register again with the same account.

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